The Mercury 40hp 4-stroke outboard (40 ELPT) with Big Tiller option was the outboard seen powering our review of the Bluefin Scrapper 425 model.

It seemed relatively well matched to the hull, and performed efficiently and flawlessly during that review, which at the time was more focussed on the boat than the outboard. Consequently we cannot confirm or deny Mercury’s claimed performance figures for the outboard.

In saying that, as you would expect from a modern engine, it started instantly hot or cold and ran smoothly. This particular outboard was fitted with the Big Tiler option, which is essentially a centre-mounted tiller, incorporating a longer grip and a convenient power trim switch, shift lever, and has the facility to include an optional digital troll control (no fitted in this instance). It also features an 18-amp high output alternator which could keeps batteries charged, and power fishing electronics etc.

Comparing it to previous Yamaha Outboards of the same horsepower capacity we’ve been exposed to, the ‘Big Tiller’ felt a little heavy to steer, even when everything was loosened off; but before we could address this issue at it’s first service, the outboard was urgently recalled by Mercury who advised it had been sold. The question remains as to whether this was simply the way it is, or whether something was amiss with the particular installation*.

On that basis, our overall rating of the outboard is unfortunately held as being fairly neutral, as we were unable to continue what was to be a long-term review of the product via

*Please check this out with your own comparisons, and feel free to add your own reviews below.

Would I personally buy a Mercury Outboard Product? Yes.

Would I personally buy this particular model of Mercury Outboard? Likely not.

Why? While I love some of Mercury’s product range, including their Japanese built 30hp offering, when it comes to big ticket items I prefer not to buy Chinese manufactured products.

Instead, I prefer to my spend hard-earned money on products manufactured in Japan, Germany, and other countries that are synonymous with precision and quality.

For example, would you buy a Chinese built car from Chery Motors or SsangYong, or would you instead buy one manufactured in German like BMW or Mercedes, or a Toyota out of Japan if the price was much the same?

The latter aspect is the point i’m trying to make. While Chery and SsangYong may build good cars, they’re also typically much cheaper as they lack the refinement and status that comes with most if not all vehicles manufactured in Germany or Japan.

In this instance though Mercury’s 40hp ELPT is made in China, but there’s no significant price difference between it and other’s manufactured in Japan.

Personally I had always viewed Mercury as an American brand, and had mistakenly assumed all of their products were built in the USA. Learning otherwise was disappointing, it prompted further research – click here to learn more.