The Bluefin Scrapper 425 is a no-nonsense, tough as nails open boat, with a full floor extended forward to provide a reduced trip hazard and ample room for a broad spectrum of boating.

The Scrapper can be filled with crab pots, fishing gear or surf boards ready to head to your favourite spot for a day of leisure. The Bluefin Scrapper 425 has 3mm bottom sheets and large solid side decks for safety.

Featuring a 40hp ELPT Mercury outboard (reviewed separately), with electric start, electric trim, and coupled to a big tiller, the boat had ample (if not a little too much) power.

It handled the ever changing conditions across the Gold Coast Broadwater with easy and safety; it has multiple seat base positions (four in total), good size storage pockets, and is surprisingly stable at rest. Check out the video tab above to see its performance on the water.

scrapper-bluefin-side-boxAvailable in plate or pressed models and coated with Nyalic clear coat protectant as standard, it is also optionally available painted with decals. The boat reviewed here is the plate version, with an optional Pizza box console on the starboard side (pictured left) for mounting a Stereo or VHF radio, sounder, and switches.

We have also been advised that there is the option of a larger side-console, enabling this boat to be set up as a true side console craft with forward control. I.e. with steering wheel, gauges, throttle lever -as opposed to tiller steer as reviewed here.

To turn this from a good all-round boat to a great all-round boat, this particular boat simply needs a few rod holders, a bimini, and while the standard seats are of reasonable¬†quality, i’d be making a trip to the local boat chandlery for some delux models given the amount of time ones posterior will frequent them.

In addition to the tough as nails 3mm bottom sheets, the boat has a scalloped foredeck, fully welded side decks, carpeted floor, fuel resistant underfloor floatation, a good sized transom step, nyalic clear coat protectant, an anchor shelf (i’d personally prefer if this was integrated into a recess in the foredeck), good size side pockets, a solid cross bollards, front and rear rails, 2 x nav light brackets, a bilge pump bracket, 2 x large bungs, motor pad, double bow eye, upholstered folding seats and bases, spray chines, and a single transducer bracket (starboard).