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The Closer Look team is comprised an experienced television producer overseeing our detailed product videos, our editor, and journalists bringing you quality product reviews, and our very own internationally published photographer bringing you independent images not found elsewhere. Combined they produce and publish the initial ‘closer look’ review detailing each product or service on the site.

Our reviews can then be ‘enhanced’ by our growing community of visitors, who donate a little of their time to write their own critiques and reviews of the same products, which they themselves have purchased or experienced in some way.

Over time, these combined reviews and individual product and service experiences paint an increasingly detailed picture, allowing others to make far more informed purchasing decisions.

Unlike some other sites focussed on quantity over quality, we introduce each product or service in an informative and unbiased way – all starting with our initial time-consuming ‘closer look’ product review. reviews are proudly produced under contract by Cyber Studios.